About Us


 About Us

NorthPointe is a non-denominational church which operates under the covering of AFCM out of Wilmar, MN.  The integrity of God’s Word is the foundation of our faith.  Since God wants us to win in life, we believe every prayer we pray, every decision we make and every action we take should be supported by the Word of God.  It is alive and full of power.

Pastor Randy and Sue LeBlanc have been pastoring since 1998.  They have two amazing grown boys who have blessed them with two wonderful daughters-in-law and six awesome grandchildren.  They have also adopted a very dear family of five from within the church.

Our Mission

Since God loves people, above everything else, we endeavor to love people.  Everyone is welcome at NorthPointe.  We understand that God created each of us as unique individuals and we believe that we need every part in the body to be complete.

According to Mt. 28:18, we are instructed to go into the world and make disciples.  We understand that to mean not only seeing people accept Jesus for their salvation, but to give them opportunities to grow in their Christian walk in order to become disciples as  well.

Pointe Groups

One of the main tools we use for discipling is our Pointe Groups.  Led by trained facilitators, these groups provide environments where people can connect with others in the church and grow in their own personal discipleship journey.  We believe that every Christian is called to be a disciple and to make disciples.  The groups meet during the week in various homes throughout the area using various curriculum, videos and Bible storying. During the summer, the groups get together for activities and outings.

Meet the Pastor

If you are a first-time guest and would like to meet Pastor Randy, he will be available for visitors at the front of the church immediately after the service.  Please feel free to introduce yourself and to take a few minutes to chat with him.


We believe that church is a team sport and that every member of the team should play a part.  You are encouraged to use your gifts to support the operation of the church. Every gift is valued and needed.  We encourage every member to volunteer.

Kids Matter

Since children are the future of the Church, we recognize the importance of investing in our children’s department.  We started a campaign to raise funds to grow Kids’ Church into a program that will be more attractive to children and families in the community.  Through the use of props, curriculum and special events, it is our desire to give our children a new excitement for Jesus and for spreading the Good News.


What To Expect

Although most people prefer to dress more on the casual side, you will find a little of everything here. You are welcome to dress up for services or simply wear jeans.

Our service typically lasts 1 ½ hours.  Our worship music is on the contemporary side and this part of the service usually lasts ½ hour. Hands lifted up unto the Father denote surrender and you will see many people engaged in this type of worship.  Because we believe the service is to be directed by the Holy Spirit, we spend some time in “unstructured”, open worship so that we can praise in our own words and give some time to waiting on Him. If Pastor is so led, there might be a prayer line in order to pray for various needs people may have. 

Communion is taken on the first Sunday of the month.  You are not obligated to partake of the communion elements if you are not comfortable doing so.

Kid’s Church is held in our old building behind the church.  You can access that facility from the outside (use sidewalk beside the church) or from the doors inside the sanctuary beside the platform.  They will check your children in at the desk and give you a pager in case your attention is required. The children are released
only to the parents who checked them in.

Coffee and snacks will be served in the foyer following the service.