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Part 10 - The Connection - Faith, Love, Obedience & Confession
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Pastor Randy
So you have faith or think you do. Is it working or not? This series is about some of the many aspects pointed out in the Word about what our Father in heaven expects from us and how to obtain faith that pleases Him. It's possible or He wouldn't have told us so. I have seen eyes clear, ears open, legs and arms grow, peoples financial needs met, devils cast out and all sorts of wonders. God Word is true and He watches over it, so it is our advantage to learn what it says and how to walk in. Let's go on this journey together!
Got Faith?
Faith? What is it? Where's it come from? Are there different levels of faith? What's involved in growing our faith? What's it based on? What if my prayers are not answered, does that mean I don't have faith? Such a little word, with so many questions and so many answers. Let's look to the word and see what it says about all these questions and get ready to walk your walk of faith!
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